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Woof Woof! Hi readers!

My name is Freyja. I am Gramma Kelly’s puppy and newsletter assistant. I was brought into her life on July 11, 2022, but my birthday is April 17, 2022. My mom was a Shih Tzu and my dad was a Yorkie, so they call me a Shorkie. I think it’s kind of a silly word. My favorite things to do are playing in my toy box and being outside meeting new friends. I love people! I also love chasing Gramma Kelly’s nine-year-old grandson around the house! I hear Gramma Kelly always telling others that I bring great joy to her life and I feel proud. I love to chew on things, sometimes I will chew on things I’m not supposed to and they will trade me treasures instead. One of the best treasures they trade me is dried sweet potatoes. They are so delicious! When I want to play, I bring my toy to her feet and drop it and grumble and growl until she plays with me. I still act like a puppy and am learning a lot as I am a star in my obedience class. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter that I will be sending out each month. Bye Bye Butterfly!

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