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Recognize Similarities 
Consider your commonalities before thinking about differences, when you meet someone new. Respect everyone’s belonging. 

Encourage Curiosity
Engage and Smile! Curiosity is healthy, so be polite!

Support Respectfully
Be considerate to aids that help our friends. Aids come in different forms, such as personnel, service animals, and various tools or devices. Leave service animals alone when they are on duty.

Practice Empathy
Perform kindness in words and deeds. Regard everyone with courtesy. This might mean to help open a door, or at the very least … smile again.

Educate Yourself
Ask questions in their presence and save some for later. Seek resources to learn more. 

Consider Options
Decide the next best step. Is it stepping in to help? Is it speaking up for them? Is it walking away with your smile? Accept others for who they are, as precious and valuable.

Try Again
Mistakes happen. Especially when interacting with others. Forgive yourself and apply what you have learned. 

Everyone has visible and hidden unique qualities, so be YOUnique.

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